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From the modern marvels of Shanghai to the hectic markets of Bangkok, Asia has dozens of must-see yet wildly contrasting destinations. Begin your adventure now with flights starting from £349 on Lufthansa.

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Shanghai has a population of just over 24 million, making it China’s second-most populous city – and certainly the most striking thanks to its futuristic skyline. The 632-metre-tall Shanghai Tower dominates it all, taking the crown as the tallest building in China and the second-tallest in the world. Its super-fast lifts travel at around 20 metres per second, so you can reach the observation deck on the 118th and 119th floors in a matter of moments – but make sure to book in advance to avoid the queues. But if you’d rather observe the skyline from terra firma, The Bund is a waterfront stretch of historical buildings that provides excellent views of the city.

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Bangkok is a great destination for a luxury city break, with its wealth of five-star hotels – like Banyan Tree Bangkok. This hotel is home to the amazing open-air Vertigo restaurant and Moon Bar on its top floor, 61 storeys up, so you can enjoy stunning views along with your dinner. And Bangkok offers plenty of vibrant markets to explore, including the remarkable floating markets. Taling Chan Floating Market in Thonburi is one of five water-borne trading extravaganzas – hire a long-tail boat at any of the nearby piers for a close-up look at locals selling and cooking fresh food from traditional wooden boats.

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The pristine streets of Singapore are undergoing something of a green revolution at the moment, where skyscrapers are being designed to be covered in thick layers of vegetation, bringing colour and life to the streets. You can enjoy the greenery yourself at the PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel, which has balconies festooned with lush plants. But the Singapore Botanic Gardens are perhaps the best place to embrace nature in this thoroughly modern city – the 160-year-old gardens have been named Asia’s top park attraction and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore Beijing from £359

The capital of China has thousands of years of history to explore – and a good place to start is at the Forbidden City. This enormous complex, which covers around 72 hectares, dates from the early fifteenth century, and was home to Chinese emperors for around 500 years until the early part of the twentieth century. And around 80 kilometres north of Beijing in Badaling you’ll find one of the best-preserved sections of the momentous Great Wall of China, which dates back to around 1500 AD.

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